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Cédric Jacquot-Préaux

Cedric is the main instructor of KRAV MAGA SOFIA since fall 2013, he started to practise Krav Maga in 2008 with Steve Naouri (5th Black belt degree and founder of Krav Martial Art). Steve is direct student of Richard Douieb and nowadays student of Raphy Elgressi (direct student of Imi). Cedric followed the instructions of Steve till his departire for Bulgaria in Summer 2013, at that time he holded a 5th degree in Krav Martial Art and endorsed by Initiator Diplom of Krav Martial Art in September 2014.

He decides in spring 2014 to teach self-defense techniques to several women, training in the same Kickboxing club in that he trains. Seeing that interest is great, he decides to teach to a larger group and start regular trainings to all adults.

Traveling to France, Cedric regularly attends trainings and seminars with French experts. He had the luck to follow a seminar of 7 days in Israel with Steve Naouri in Wingate Institute near Netanya, where Imi had instructed himself Krav Maga in the past.

In December 2016 he followed the winter seminar of FEKM led by Richard Douieb himself. There he met Frank and decided in November 2017 to join the European Federation of Krav Maga in order to propose a better platform of development to his students and to recieve instructions from different high ranked instructors.

In parallel, Cedric practices since 2014 BJJ once per week and Combat sambo bit less often, due to his family duties and Krav Maga duties. Since October 2017, KRAV MAGA SOFIA propose 5 trainings per week with an average length of 1h30 to a mixed group of adult (35% are women) and 25% of students are foreigners in English language.

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