On Saturday, 6th April, 2019, from 9.00-12.00h and 14.00-17h.00 at Dianabad Wrestling center 37 Zograsfki – SOFIA , there will be the first seminar in Sofia led by an expert from the European Krav Maga Federation (FEKM). That’s first time that an expert with such rank from the European Krav Maga federation will do such training in Bulgaria.

This seminar will be conducted by the director of FEKM Belgium: Christophe Clavier, who is policeman in Belgian Police and the highest ranked instructor in Belgium for the FEKM. Christophe has huge 20 years experience of Krav Maga and hold a 4th degree Black Belt in Krav Maga. Very few have such rank in our 20 000 members federation, the biggest in the world.

The seminar will focus on simulation drill, knife techniques and others techniques from beginner to intermediate level. This seminar is opened to everyone under condition of acceptance of Krav Maga Sofia . No spectators will be accepted, unless if there is agreement with Krav Maga Sofia instructor.

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