Here, we have the first promotion of our student for the yellow belt Krav Maga exam.

That is the first time that such exam with a belt system is organized in Bulgaria. The exam was conducted in English as well as the courses.
We have in the group practitioners not only from Bulgaria, but from France, Germany, Greece, Norway …

FEKM ( Fédération Européenne de Krav Maga ) is present in the Balkans ONLY in Bulgaria – Sofia. So these students are the first graduated in Bulgaria of the largest Krav Maga federation in the world.

Congratulations to all of them and I wish them success for the Orange Belt exam which will take place next year only.

You can pass only one belt per year only from yellow to brown in KRAV MAGA SOFIA (FEKM-RD), and there is no shortcut to be a “black” belt or instructor grade after only 10 days of trainings.

… The black belt exam takes place in France on yearly basis under the review of several experts and long and difficult exam, majority of brown belt graduated fail the exam at the first attempt.

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